Follower Thoughts (I) : “Feathers and the Bird-World”

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LIFE Followers is a project which, although focused on the environment, is not unconnected with the transversal issues affecting society, which affect us all in one way or another. Today the “Pride” celebrations begin all over the world. We have received some texts from Followers who wanted to discuss how the offence and the rejection of the different groups affects them, both in the general area and in the environmental area, more specifically in the aviary. We want to give voice to one of these texts, so it implies, the feeling of a young person (from 18 to 30 years old) who is aware that in spite of everything… we continue growing.

FEATHERS (Por @luna_lofishlaid)

We all think we are good people. We all believe that we live in an open, pluralistic and compromised society. Nothing could be further from the reality that many suffer daily.
The bird world is just another human world, where transphobia and homophobia continue to exist. Intolerance is not about areas or fields, but about people with or without enough empathy to accept and respect what society recognises as “different”.
We believe that we are capable of giving our opinion on issues we do not know; we criticise, judge and discriminate against people on a daily basis solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
These systematic prejudices are purely social, as transgender and homosexual behaviour (whether in mating, courtship, partnership or breeding) are commonplace in nature.
In the animal kingdom, sexuality is something natural that is not questioned, and that not only serves to procreate, but also helps to strengthen group relations, reflecting affection and belonging, or contributing to the regularization of demographics.
In the midst of the bird world we find more than forty species that reflect the LGBT pride, such as swallows, storks, crows, or penguins, to name a few.
Several studies show how gay birds are faithful for life. Most zebra chicks’ relationships are homosexual. Laysan albatrosses pair up with two females, or Australian black swans pair up with two males, proud to ”have feathers”.
There are also animals capable of changing sex (such as clownfish) or being both sexes simultaneously (very common in some birds such as cardinals, butterflies and fish). This explains why there is no absolute biological distinction between males and females, so it is more ”against nature” for any religion, than for any transgender identity, or are there Catholic birds?
The human being is the only animal with faith beliefs, and is also the only living being capable of living in a society where homosexuality and homophobia, transgender and transphobia coexist.
It should be forbidden to tell someone how they should feel. Who are we to judge what others feel? Each individual is different, let us respect and support diversity, as is the case in nature.

Let’s express ourselves in favour of the LGTB collective, let’s value their initiatives, let’s help them have a voice, let’s confront rejection. Let’s listen, debate and learn from sexual diversity. Let’s continue to evolve.

Author @luna_lofishlaid Follower in Madrid.


Nuestros Instagram: Followers Madrid; Followers Valencia; Followers Doñana; Followers Delta del Ebro.

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