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Once again, yesterday we went out to the field with the Follower Tendidos Team with the mission of reviewing a medium voltage power line in Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid.

After an hour of monitoring, our surprise was capital when we found a majestic specimen of eagle owl.


 Followers next to a electrocuted specimen of eagle owl (Bubo bubo)

A mixture of joy and sadness ran through all of us. The sadness, for knowing the end of this imposing bird of prey. The joy, for knowing that thanks to the discovery, the post will have to be corrected to avoid more deaths.

We followed the usual procedure, we warned the forest agents, who came immediately and dealt with the body. It is very important not to touch anything until they arrive, because we are at the scene of a possible environmental crime against the fauna.

Removal of the body by forest agents


We encourage you to participate in this exciting project, from which we hope to learn a lot and obtain good results that will help conserve birds and make their habitats safer!


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