May 21st, #Natura2000Day: The Real Followers of the Natura 2000 Network.

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Let’s flood Internet with Natura 2000!

May 21st#Natura2000Day

The birthday of the world’s largest network of protected natural areas, the Natura 2000 Network, is approaching. It was created on May 21st 1992 with the approval of the Habitats Directive and with the goal of reaching the objectives established at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro that same year.

In Europe, 27,522 spaces occupy more than 1,148,000 km2, in Spain, more than 1,800 sites, 30% of the territory, as part of this great European network that guarantees the conservation of biodiversity and provides Europeans with vital services: carbon storage, maintenance of water quality or protection against floods and droughts.

But in Spain only 3% knows about it… In LIFE Followers and we want to change those figures!

The time has come for us to be more, and more active!

#Natura2000Day at LIFE Followers

(week 18th – 24th de mayo 2020)

Dear followers and people who wish to collaborate. (the followers will be counted as a session 馃槈 ) We ask for your maximum collaboration to JAM UP the SOCIAL NETWORKS the 21st of may so the whole world realizes, that we have natural spaces of great VALUE that we must PROTECT.

How are we going to do it? 1 Follower / 1 Space RN2000

  1. (Registration of the Followers–> REGISTRATIONS) You have to select, each one of you, at least an area of the Natura 2000 Network. You can use the Natura 2000 Network viewer to help you choose as many spaces as you like!
  2. On May 21st, on your social networks (preferably on Instagram) share 4 stories as follows:
    • STORY 1. Presentation of the RN2000 space: Name and location. With a cool picture if you can!!
    • STORY 2. Natural values of the space: Mention for example the number of protected species and/or ecosystems, any unique or threatened species … They can be of flora or fauna. You can access this information through the “Standard Data Form” (SDF) that you will find in the viewer mentioned above.
    • STORY 3. Threats prensent in that space. You can also find them in the SDF of the viewer, under the section “4.3 Threats, pressures and activities with impacts on the site“.
    • STORY 4. Launch a positive message You should locate actions that are being taken to improve the space (check if SEO or other agencies are acting there). If you can’t find anything… write a message of your own, encouraging people to protect, conserve and respect these spaces.
Mention SEO/BirdLife’s account on Instagram/Facebook (@seo_birdlife) and we will try to share your Stories that day! and the hashtag #FollowNature, #Natura2000Day and let’s be the real followers of the Natura 2000 Network

May 21st聽(16h) SPECIAL WEBINAR聽


驴What is Natura 2000?, 驴Why is important?
Dr. Octavio Infante, Spaces Conservation at SEO/BirdLife


Also you can see our calendar(Google Calendar) of Followers On-Line聽 activities.

Complete program and contents

隆Keep yourselves posted, follow us!

#FollowNature / #Natura2000Day

Instagram: Followers Madrid; Followers Valencia; Followers Do帽ana; Followers Delta del Ebro.

聽 聽 聽聽 聽 聽聽 聽 聽

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