NATURA ALERT or how to become a spy of Nature.

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Today we talk about Natura Alert, a new application developed by SEO/BirdLife in which you can identify and report the threats and dangers that occur within the Important Bird Areas and Biodiversity Conservation (IBA) in Spain. Only a small percentage of these vulnerable areas enjoy a good state of conservation and we need to reinforce our efforts to try to improve this situation.

Natura Alert is a tool of the LandSense project that will allow you to identify, document and protect the most significant areas for the conservation of birds in the world and act in their preservation. With this new app, you will be able to help these special places for birds to be damaged or even disappear. All in a very intuitive way and at the click of a button, both from your mobile phone and from your computer, since it allows you to put on the map the threats you detect against biodiversity or the changes that may occur in the habitat both in the IBA and in the protected areas of the Natura 2000 Network in the European Union.

You can automatically register your observations in the field, visualize those shared by other users, consult which areas are most threatened, as well as create graphs and download of your own reports, among other functionalities. The new application is free and the data obtained in each IBA (and Natura 2000 network) will help us to know the state of conservation of these spaces. Only in Spain we have identified 469 IBA’s. Do not hesitate to download it (Android / iPhone) and help nature conservation being our best reporter!

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