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Many of you attended the YouTube talk given by our colleague Octavio Infante: 6th COURSE Live: Natura Alert: State and Conservation of our spaces. If you have not yet done so, click to see it (from 1:12, we talk about the application Natura Alert).

Well, it’s OUR TIME. In a few days (as planned) we will be able to go out to the countryside. Until we can all meet again, we encourage you to go out on your own, to protect Red Natura 2000, registering all the threats we encounter.

How can you participate?

1º. Let us know in advance your intention to go out on the field. You can do so by any means of communication (Whatsapp, Telegram or email). This is important so that we can take out an insurance policy before your trip.

. Make sure that the area you are moving to is the Natura 2000 network. Here is the link to the viewer.

. Although you can re-register threats that have already been uploaded to the platform, ideally you will detect new ones. Therefore, take a look at the existing ones before going out into the field.

. When you go out to register data, you must have these two applications installed: Natura Alert and eBird. The first of these will be used to record threats, the second to record your route and record the bird species you encounter. If you don’t feel confident about recording birds, there are other ways to pass on your track. One of them is Oruxmaps;(click on the link to download the free APK)

Once you finish the walk, you must send us the track (either sharing the bird list with LIFEFollowers, if you have done it with eBird; or sending us via email the track in KML or GPX format.

. For those points that you already know and do not need to go to the country, you can register them from home. In this case, your effort will also be counted. You don’t have to send us anything, just let us know in advance that you are going to enter the data in the Natura Alert.

. If you are working in the field, remember to count the kilometres you drive from your residence to your chosen sampling point. All you have to do is count the distance you traveled (our calculator will automatically calculate your return trip).

For any doubt or question regarding the use of the Natura Alert application and platform (registration, identification, information dump) please write to

For any other question, doubt or suggestion, you can do it through our Telegram group:

Remember, always respect the rules and restrictions affecting your Autonomous Community with regard to mobility by the COVID.

Thank you all!


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