LIFE Followers is over… THANK YOU!

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LIFE Followers is over… but what have we done these 3 years?
On July 7th at 10 am we will present you with results and talk to those involved in a very special event that you can follow on our Youtube channel. DON’T MISS IT! Official Event Program

Letter of gratitude

Dear followers and supporters,

LIFE Followers it’s been 3 years of project, more than 300 young people have participated in one way or another in the project. From the Odiel Marshes (ZEPA ES0000025) and the beaches of Doñana (ZEPA ES0000024) To the Delta del Ebro (ES0000020) passing through the Albufera of Valencia, the mountains and banks of the Natura 2000 Network in Madrid, the Basque Country, Asturias, Galicia, the olive groves of Sierra Mágina in Jaen (ES6160007) and many more places

The “Followers”, volunteers of the project, have been involved in more than 50,000 hours of work throughout the territory, in the field and in the office, analysing the observations of other “followers” in the field and guided by SEO/BirdLife technicians mostly or even supported by people belonging to other LIFE projects from other organisations or institutions. 50,000 hours of work equivalent to almost 6 years of continuous work by one person and if we put it in an economic context, YOUR work for the conservation of the Natura 2000 Network can be valued at more than 800,000 euros but it is nothing compared to what…

You have given nature conservation the most valuable thing we have, TIME.

You have protected plovers, harriers, tracked power lines, mapped and removed exotic species and much more… in places where it is sometimes difficult to enter and we must thank the institutions responsible for them for allowing us to carry out the actions.

Special mention to all those people, Followers, who wanted to go one step further and with the help of local coordinators and other technicians from SEO/BirdLife wanted to take responsibility for certain actions of the project, help other volunteers to achieve their goals and motivate them. From the awareness and dissemination of actions and results, being the “Community Managers” of the different Instagram accounts to the registration and review of webcams during the lockdown, the elaboration and evaluation of the data of extraction of the Cat’s Claw (Carpobrotus edulis) in Valencia, elaboration of databases of other exotic species and training (Galapago of Florida and apple snail in the Ebro Delta, Ailanto in Madrid…) the data of revised power lines (tens of km) thanks to the SOS Tendidos platform.


Finally, since the coordination of the project, all this would not have been possible without…

LIFE Followers is an environmental volunteering project for young people in Natura 2000 network by SEO/BirdLife in collaboration with Eurpean Solidarity Corps and cofinanced by LIFE programme and the Europena Fund For Agricultural Development.

Thank you to all the people, institutions and organizations that have made Followers this big!


Pablo de la Nava Martínez, LIFE Followers Projcet’s Coordinator (SEO/BirdLife)

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Instagram: Followers Madrid; Followers Valencia; Followers Doñana; Followers Delta del Ebro

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