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FOLLOWERS! Do we stop (for) climate change?

If you’re reading this in the middle of all the fuss about the elections in Spain, it’s because you’re young and you care about our future on the planet.

What’s strange is that there are young people who don’t care! For the past few weeks, a youth and student movement has been growing in Europe and has come to us:

“Fridays For Future”.

It’s an initiative extended in the wake of protests by Greta Thumberg, a Swedish teenager who decided to stop going to class on Fridays to protest the inaction of world leaders in the face of climate change. Her harsh speeches at several international summits have become viral and have ignited the fuse of an ever-increasing mobilization.

Tens of thousands of boys and girls, young people and teenagers, have already united in several European cities: Paris, Brussels or Berlin have witnessed massive mobilizations, with tens of thousands of people, every Friday of the last few weeks. Now, the movement seems to sprout also in our country: a group of students, without acronyms or leaders, has begun to organize in Girona (you can find them on Twitter).

From Followers we have spoken with them and they tell us that they are hoping that the spark will ignite in schools and universities everywhere, something that seems to be already felt in Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Madrid.

If you are interested, maybe you can self-manage with your classmates to start the movement in your school and other places: if you don’t do it, maybe no one else will; and if you start, the rest will be able to follow you. From followers we want to help you in any way we can to start your movement.

In addition to the Friday strikes, a large student strike is already being prepared for March 15: you can follow the event from here.

If you want more information, follow and share the following tags on Social Networks:

 #ClimateStrike    #FridaysForFuture    #Fridays4Future    #Schoolstrike4climate    #HuelgaPorElClima

Fight so they don’t destroy the planet you’re going to inherit!

and always remember to…#FollowNature

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