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Followers at COP25. #TimeforAction

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Because it is #TimeforAction, Followers will be more present than ever at the COP25, the climate change summit that will take place from the December 2nd to 13th at Ifema Madrid.

Don’t miss it, come and see us and we will tell you how we work in the conservation of the Natura 2000 Network and how to fight climate change from action.


Asun Ruiz, SEO/BirdLife Executive Director reminded us “Young people have done an extraordinary job in the last year to raise awareness about the climate emergency, and we must ensure that their voice is heard loud and clear, both in the COP negotiation rooms and in the other spaces, events and communications of the summit”.

¡Join us!*

*To participate you have to get your accreditation for the COP Green Zone for the day you want to participate.

At this meeting, political decisions are taken at the international level to combat climate change or to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the so-called Blue Zone But there is also the Green Zone with free access for civil society and we would like to invite you to participate, especially in:

The demonstration in Madrid on climate emergency and loss of biodiversity next Friday December 6 at 6 pm in Atocha. (Meeting point 17.30 Ministry of Agriculture), where we will claim the need to take urgent action together with many associations and organizations from around the world!

And if you want to know how we young people can take action…

  • Próximo miércoles, 11 de diciembre a las 11:00 acompáñanos en la Zona verde de la COP en la mesa redonda: ¡JÓVENES! Somos la resistencia: Los jóvenes frente al cambio climático, dónde te contaremos más sobre qué hacemos los Followers en la lucha del cambio climático y las responsabilidades e impulso que damos desde distintos puntos de vista con jóvenes responsables de cada uno de los siguientes ámbitos: Filosofía, científico, asociacionismo conservacionista y todo moderado por un Follower.
  • Next Wednesday, December 11th at 11:00, join us in the COP Green Zone at the round table: YOUNG PEOPLE! We are the Resilience: Young people facing climate change, where we will tell you more about what we Followers do in the fight against climate change and the responsibilities and momentum we give from different points of view with young people responsible for each of the following areas: Philosophy, science, conservation associations and everything moderated by a Follower.

All information and updates:

and always remember…#FollowNature

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