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Do you want to be Follower at CSIC with LIBERA Science?

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From LIBERA project they want to analyze the organic pollutants widely distributed in waters, soils and sediments of natural areas (Natura 2000 Network and IBA’s) due to the use and spillage of compounds associated with agricultural, industrial and urban activities.

¿What are we going to do?

The objective of the study is to evaluate the presence of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, plasticizers, flame retardants, perfluorinated compounds and microplastics in water, soils and sediments collected from 140 IBAS (Important Bird Areas) + Red Natura 2000). To this end, sampling, processing and extraction of contaminants will be carried out using analytical methodologies. At the instrumental level, the contaminants will be analyzed by means of liquid or gas chromatography combined to mass spectrometry to determine the concentrations in the environmental samples studied.

At LIFE Followers we want to help!

If you are interested in learning and training, BECOME FOLLOWER and send us an email to telling us why you are interested in doing these voluntary internships. All volunteers who wish to participate in these internships will accept the conditions of the LIFE Followers program and the rules stipulated by the CID-CSIC.

Experience or training related to the activity to be carried out will be valued. (Graduates, graduates/technicians in biological, chemical, environmental or other sciences).

Places available: 5
Duration: 2 continuous months/42 (working) days of approximately 4/6 h per day.
Place: CID CSIC Institute for Environmental Diagnosis and Water Studies – CSIC, Barcelona.

This opportunity is a volunteer (unpaid internship) with the aim of training participants and give them the opportunity within the volunteer program of LIFE Followers and the European Corps of Solidarity, it is not a job although there is a financial compensation of expenses that will be effective at the end of participation.

Pocket money: 4€/day.
Travel expenses: according to distance.

Watch out Followers! NOT INCLUDING accommodation.

Y recordad siempre…#FollowNature

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